BJJ : MacKenzie Dern exclusively on

BJJ : MacKenzie Dern exclusively on World-Budo.grIt is common knowledge that MacKenzie Dern is one of the best bjj fighters of all time and the daughter of a famous BJJ personality,the legend «Megaton» Wellington Dias.

Mackenzie began learning Jiu-Jitsu when she was 3 years old. Megaton would take her to his Jiu-Jitsu academy while he taught classes and Mackenzie’s first competition was in 1999, where she lost by just 2 points. After her loss, she continued competing and winning multiple competitions as a child, while also going up in the ranks for kids. By age 14, she competed in her first World Championship in the blue belt Juvenile division, taking the gold and at 16 she began competing in the adult division where she also received gold.

Now,she is the No1 female fighter in the IBJJF rankings,having won almost everyone and she is exclusively on World-Budo..

- MacKenzie,It's an honour to have you in are the absolute woman fighter in BJJ.

MKNZ - Thank you so much for the interview!


- Now that we talk,you've accomplished to have 3 huge titles in a year.Abu Dhabi World Pro championship,IBJJF World Championship and a few days before,an ADCC Championship.How hard was that?

MKNZ - It wasn't easy, that's for sure. It was really hard because to keep your body at its very best and your technique exactly on point for such a long time is very hard on the mind and body! But I can't complain, it payed off and I would do all of my training and preparation again in a heart beat!


 - Tell me your daily programme and how can you keep in touch with family friends etc..

MKNZ - During main competitor season January - May it is easy for me to keep in touch with my family. I don't travel very much and I just stay at home to completely focus on my trainings. The only thing is that I get so tired that weekends are so boring. I don't hang out too much with my friends, all I want to do is rest! After competition season I start my seminars and that is a little harder to stay in touch with my family, but we make it work, and I am always making new friends!


 - You had very difficult fights in the past and with heavier opponents.How can you deal with them?

MKNZ - The most important is to believe! I love challenges, all of my biggest challenges have made me a better fighter because I try everything to overcome them. Fighting bigger opponents I think I can give a huge thanks to my Dad and the guys at our academy. Even though there is a strength difference between women and men, having to feel the pressure of someone a lot heavier than me was something I go through almost everyday in training, so it made me confident that I could handle the pressure of any woman, I just have to figure out the right strategy to win the fight.


 - Tell me who was the most difficult fighter that you faced and why?

MKNZ - Every athlete I fought was difficult in their own ways! Everyone has their own strength that at black belt can be deadly. For sure Michelle was one of my most difficult because we fight each other so much that the more you know each others game the harder it gets to capitalize on mistakes. Also, Gabi was on of the hardest because no one thought it was possible. It was hard when everyone already expected you to lose, but I always believed and I think every time I fought a little better against Gabi people started to get more excited and believe more and that helped in really trying to overcome such a difficult opponent.


 - How demanding is it to be on such a high level?

MKNZ - It is really demanding! I honestly don't know how people who study or work and train full time do it. This is my full time job, my college, my life. I put everything into my trainings, my diet, my rehabilitation. I would do 4 trainings a day, Monday - Friday, and on the weekends let my body recover as much as possible to be ready for the next week. I don't have time for normal things like going to the movies or celebrating my birthday. But it's not like that all year around and not forever. I am young and one day I will have kids and focus on our Jiu-Jitsu academy, so I believe now is my moment to give it everything, if you want to be the best of the best you have to do more than everyone else competing against you, so that is what I try to do...


 - How do you feel that your father and boyfriend are amongst the best male fighters and trainers?Is it stressful?

MKNZ - Yes, I get really nervous watching them compete! But I am always confident in them, I know how much they train and prepare themselves, I just always pray they don't get hurt.


 - Favourite technique?

MKNZ - The toe hold!


 - Which is your biggest accomplishment so far?Plans for the future?

MKNZ - The IBJJF Black Belt World Championships... All of my World titles are great and they all have a very unique and special meaning to me. But if I won everything and didn't win the IBJJF Worlds I wouldn't be happy until I had that title. I'm thinking of MMA.. I still want to be in the Jiu-Jitsu Hall of Fame and maintain my titles for a couple of years but I am training MMA already and maybe 2016 I can have a fight!


 - Do you intent to come to Greece (again) in the future?

Yes! Hopefully I can come to Greece in 2016! One of my favourite places!!